I am an English Literature graduate from the University of Bristol, UK, and I use my blog under the name Benjamin Tunwell as a playground for journalistic pieces, short stories and serialised novels.

I’ve written for several online publications, including The Independent, a national UK newspaper. Examples of my writing and radio interviews can be found here:

The Independent/Benjie Beer

Politics.co.uk/Benjie Beer

Radio interview on Bristol Community FM: BCFM/Benjie Beer

Epigram.co.uk/Benjie Beer

Prattle-magazine.co.uk/Benjie Beer

I am currently based in Yangon, Myanmar.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Nights at the disco is truly one of the most horrific pieces of writing I have ever had the misfortune of reading. Despite being ‘fictional’, it is truly frightening how much depth you have gone into. To me, it read as an anecdote – you should be indefinitely disgusted in yourself if so. Furthermore the way you write makes me mentally sore, awful.


    • Yeah, I’m ‘indefinitely disgusted’ at myself for trying to articulate how loneliness and drug abuse coincide with mental illness and masculinity. What a terrible thing to try and explore with FICTION. I don’t think literature should explore anything untoward anymore. My next story shall therefore be about bunnies dancing beneath rainbows. Don’t worry, nothing socially relevant happens in it.


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